Since our founding in 1987, Friends of China Foundation Ltd. (FOC) has helped more than a thousand foreign professionals and students come to live and serve in China.  FOC is registered in Hong Kong as an independent, tax-exempt, non-governmental charity, and also with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in Beijing.  For 25 years we have sought to promote education, social welfare, spiritual, mental and physical health for the people of China.  We act as a bridge, linking China with friends in other countries, and facilitating their placement, orientation and ongoing support.

As China develops and grows, so does FOC.  Our activities in China now include:

  • introducing qualified, experienced foreign teachers to universities and schools, for both long- and short-term placements
  • facilitating visits by foreign experts in various fields
  • introducing foreign students of Mandarin and minority languages
  • training programs for middle- and high-school English teachers
  • urban and rural development projects, for example in the areas of local income generation, special education and occupational therapy
  • cultural orientation and language-learning support for foreigners
  • project and business consulting

State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs 
Sichuan International Friendship Association
Sichuan Yihua